The 2017 European Week of Bees and Pollination


Hosted by Mariya Gabriel MEP, Chair of the “Apiculture & Bee Health” working group of the EP Intergroup “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development »


and MEPs Michel Dantin, Mairead McGuinness, Marijana Petir, Nathalie Griesbeck, Frederique Ries, John Procter


Co-organised with :

  • The Biodiversity network for bees
  • Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech – Université de Liège
  • BeeOdiversity
  • BeeLife
  • Copa-Cogeca

Since 2012, the European Bee and Pollination Week is held every year in the European Parliament in Brussels. This meeting has become a must-attend event and brings together all stakeholders in the sector: European MPs, representatives of the Commission and European institutions, beekeepers, farmers, scientists, veterinarians, manufacturers, NGOs and citizens. Together, they exchange proposals with public authorities to promote a sustainable beekeeping chain capable of ensuring the sustainability of the valuable service of pollination and its consequences: ecosystem services, biodiversity, production and food security.

After recalling the original multifactorial approach of bee mortality observed throughout the world, after stressing the need for better collaboration between stakeholders through dialogue and mutual respect, the stakeholders historically involved in the European Bee and Pollination Week have called for the establishment of an operational technical platform to improve exchanges between beekeepers and scientists. This edition is marked by the willingness and commitment of EFSA to set up this platform. The first working groups to define the outlines and the priority needs will be held during this 6th edition of the Bee Week.

This year, the beekeepers of the Mediterranean basin will contribute to enrich our discussions and to draw the outlines of the new operations around the beekeeping chain.